"An intriguing true story of redemption, hope, and new beginnings. The Ride will be a breath of fresh air to those trapped by the consequences of bad choices and haunted by dying dreams. Parents and families will find renewed hope that the one you love can be made whole and return home."

Dr. Kenneth Isom, Associate Pastor, The Bridge

"Larry Andrews is a voice of hope to those who are, or have been, incarcerated. He is an inspiration of someone who has succeeded in life after prison. I highly recommend Larry as a guest speaker to any church, school, or group that wants to be touched and encouraged by his amazing story."

Pastor Jim McNabb, Lead Pastor, The Bridge

"Larry has an amazing testimony of the Grace of God. This story will challenge you to make the most of your "second chances" and help you see a God who has a plan for us that is much bigger than our wildest dreams."

Rob McClure, Assistant Pastor,      The Bridge

"I know you will be blessed as you read the thrilling testimony of the love and mercy of the Lord in the life of Larry Andrews. You will see that the arm of the Lord is never too short to reach you, no matter how far away, or how deep in sin you may be."

Kenneth McGee, Associate Pastor, The Bridge

"Larry Andrews' story testifies to one of the most powerful words in our language. It is the word HOPE. The redemption Larry received is a signal and encouragement that ALL med and women can experience the loving transformation of Jesus Christ! I believe this book could help change your life!"

Paul McGrady, Assistant Athletic Director, Southern Nazarene University

"The Ride puts you on the prison bus in a journey through the house of shame, into a hope of God's making. I highly recommend this book for you and for your friends who seek the ride out of destructive lifestyles."

Dr. C. Wayne Childers, Retired Pastor

"Larry Andrews' story is a life changer. I know, because it changed mine! The radical conversion that shook his soul and altered his eternity will blow your mind and paint the picture of what the God of the second chances can do for you or someone you love. Buckle up and get ready for ... The Ride!"

Lance Lang, Founder, Hope Is Alive Ministries

"The Ride is not a story about recovery from addiction, but rather that complete freedom in Christ is available to anyone, regardless of their current situation. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know, or just want to be inspired with a story about the grace, love, and long-suffering of our Lord, I recommend you read The Ride."

Wayne Gray, President and CEO, Adult and Teen Challenge of Oklahoma

"I have known Larry Andrews my entire life, and have witnessed firsthand the mercy and grace God has given him. After surrendering his life to the Lord, Larry began using his gift of music and testimony to minister to the broken. The Ride will be a blessing to you as it has been to everyone who reads it."

Doug Hayes, Facility Director, Rob's Ranch Addiction Treatment Center