Larry Andrews

Author of The Ride: A True Story of Finding Freedom Behind Bars

Founder of Larry Andrews Ministries: Reaching the lost with a message of hope...

Larry Andrews

Larry Andrews

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Larry Andrews once thought he had it all.  The senior class president and former athlete had a great family, bright future, and he became successful at an early age making lots of money; so much money that he lived an out-of-control lifestyle filled with booze, parties, and finally, drugs. But, his life imploded.  That's what meth does; it tears apart everything good and leaves the user with a life usually shattered beyond repair.  After escaping close calls again and again, Andrews was arrested in 2001 on drug charges he couldn't shake.  While sitting in a stark jail cell, facing a 20-year mandatory prison sentence, God made Himself known in a stunning, extraordinary way.  This is the compelling true story of how God can transform a life so messed up, it seems unsalvageable. From the first page to the last, the book speaks these truths to every reader: you, too, can be forgiven, leave the past behind, move forward, embrace the adventures of a faith-filled life, and truly enjoy ... The Ride. 

"The Ride is an intriguing true story of redemption, hope, and new beginnings."

Dr. Kenneth Isom, Associate Pastor,  The Bridge


"Larry Andrews' story testifies to one of the most powerful words in our language. It is the word HOPE."

Paul McGrady, Associate Athletic Director, Southern Nazarene University

"I highly recommend Larry Andrews as a guest speaker to any church, school, or group that wants to be touched and encouraged by his amazing story."

Pastor Jim McNabb, Lead Pastor,       The Bridge